Grace Island

allowed on the premises at any given time. All prescription medication should be under
adult supervision.

2) Profanity is not allowed.

3) Any persons or group found to be conducting themselves in an inappropriate manner may be asked to leave the island by the caretaker.

4) Hilltop Cottage and all areas west of walkways and Bethany Hall are off-limits.

5) Proper conservation should be observed regarding the water supply ~ hoses included.

6) The field/street lights will be turned off at 11:00 p.m. Motion-sensored security lights are in place where needed.

7) The sound system, television, and video (available upon request) are not to be removed from Bethany Hall.

8) Tables and chairs are to remain in the building. Permission must be obtained from the caretaker before they may be used in any other area.

9) Swimming is permitted only in organized groups while under PROPER SUPERVISION at all times. Sea shoes are recommended.

10) Campfires are permitted ONLY UNDER PROPER SUPERVISION in the designated area, provided that advance notice is given.

11) The campsite, building, beach, docks, and water must be kept clear of litter at all times.

12) Gravel is to remain in designated area and NOT to be thrown anywhere on the premises.

13) All lights, stoves, etc. are to be turned off and all doors and/or screens kept shut when not in use ~ particularly whenever the group leaves the campsite for any period of time.

14) Absolutely NO PETS allowed.

15) The boat dock is off limits to all persons, except those using the small beach. Fishing and swimming in this area is not permitted.

16) When fishing off the passenger dock , bait is to be cut on the concrete areas only ~ NOT on the wooden dock and hand rails. Please ensure that the dock is left clean. A hose is provided to wash away all “tell tale signs” of fishing.

17) Tent ropes and yellow chains on porch are NOT to be used for drying laundry. Clotheslines may be tied between trees.

18) Bedroom furniture is not to be rearranged.

19) TV/radio is allowed only at the discretion of the group leaders.

20) A bucket is provided to collect kitchen and table food scraps. The one responsible for the disposal of the bucket’s contents will be shown the out-of-bounds area designated to feed the fish.

21) Abrasive cleaners and scouring pads are NOT to be used on the stainless steel counters, sinks, and appliances to prevent damage.

22) Inspection of the grounds, building, and contents will be made 30 to 45 minutes before departure. Kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, tables and chairs are to be left clean, and the building is to be swept and mopped.

23) Any decisions made by the caretaker for the good of the camp must be followed.