Grace Island  

1) Bookings are received on a first come, first served basis.

2) A 50% deposit is required with the application in order to start processing.

3) All fees must be paid in full one month prior to the use of the facility.

4) Breakage deposit: $200. This is refundable upon inspection of the grounds, building, and contents, provided that Grace Island is left in the same condition as it was found upon arrival.

5) Any willful damage to the facility or its contents will be billed to the group ~ this includes missing equipment.

6) All cheques are to be made payable to GRACE TRUST.

7) The electricity charges are included in the rates.

8) Arrival and checkout times: Sunday ~ 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday ~ anytime, provided that there is no conflict with another group’s arrival and departure schedule.

9) Once a booking is finalized, the caretaker is to be notified prior to either departure time being changed.

10) Bethany Hall’s dining area has seating for 120 persons.

11) The camp site provides sleeping accommodation for 76 persons (8 tents, 8 cots per tent; 6 bunk beds).

12) The caretaker is to be given one week’s notice as to how many tents and cots are required. Each group is responsible for the raising and lowering of tents, and the assembling and disassembling of cots.

13) Each group should provide an emergency boat. The caretaker is to be notified one week in advance as to how many boats will be remaining docked at Grace Island, in order that mooring arrangements can be made.

14) All groups must have a leader in charge who is responsible for the group at all times. The safety of the group is in the hands of the leader.

15) For those under eighteen years of age, each group is required to have at least one leader per ten children. Kitchen staff are not considered leaders to be counted in this 1:10 ratio.

16) The leader will be responsible for ensuring that the Grace Island Regulations are adhered to, and that the group is made aware of, and abides by the Grace Island Campground Rules (given to the leader at registration along with the Grace Island Inventory List).

17) Immediately upon arrival at Grace Island, the leader is to identify him/herself to the caretaker and have the one designated to be in charge of the inventory promptly check and sign the inventory list.

18) As the organization’s representative, the leader is directly responsible to the caretaker and must report any damages.

19) It is the responsibility of each group to provide their own first aid kit and have at least one certified person who is capable of administering first aid. Grace Island provides a first aid kit for emergency purposes only; the caretakers are to be informed of any items used in order that replacements can be made, ensuring the kit remains complete.

20) All trash accumulated is the responsibility of each group.

21) The caretaker must be advised of any projects to be undertaken, for referral and approval.

22) Grace Island may be subject to inspection by the administrative office staff at any time during the group’s stay.

23) The leader is to remain behind until the last group member leaves.

24) The caretaker living on site is on 24-hour call for emergency purposes only.

25) Grace Trust and Grace Island caretakers claim no responsibility for the occurrence of any person’s injury or damage/loss of personal property while on Grace Island.